Thursday, January 21, 2016

Aroma / Tasty Thursday

 I wanted to use Aroma Tools on my blog title, but I guess that's a Company that specializes in aroma therapy items. Who knew? I certainly didn't, but glad I googled it. Good ol' Google.
But since I've already committed to the Aroma title on this Tasty Thursday,
the spices above were used in a recent recipe for some Old Fashioned Comfort Food.
Mixed by tablespoons since we had quite a batch to cook up, this is probably about a cup worth of spices you are seeing here.
Ron has the temperature just about ready to go.
And here are a couple of pieces of Dinnertime Contentment.
Fried Chicken.
Gluten Free for my hubster and daughter.

And apparently arriving home from work to this sight and scent was too much to of a temptation.
Someone had to finish the 'test' piece and make sure it was safe for consumption.
And yes,
We're Still Here.
Happy Thursday ya'll!