Thursday, December 10, 2015

Old Faithful/ Tasty Thursday

This kitchen gadget is an oldie, but a goodie.
It's my Microwave Potato Bag circa 2010.
In other words it's 5 years old (at least)
I have nicknamed it "Old Faithful"
On nights with little or no time for cooking a lengthy meal, which is often on Tasty Thursday,
this old standby has helped me bring together a great meal with little effort.
With a little Chicken from the Deli Section

And some Nacho Cheese (there's also some butter under all that cheese) 

For the beverage, some of us prefer a quieter drink than others,
but I must say that this Ciderboys drink was not too shabby.
It's a gluten free hard cider that my daughter picked out.
For more Microwave Potato Bags,
check out some I have listed on Etsy.
They even have their own section!