Thursday, December 3, 2015

This and Last /Tasty Thursday

Last Thanksgiving was a mite different from a year ago.
For one, our dining area looked like this:
Our space was cozy and served our growing family well, but there was the issue of not being seated together.
That is not the issue this year.
We even have 2 more leaves for this table.
A get-together dream.
But most thankful for the faces seated around it this year. We weren't all able to be here, but we were all together in hearts.
Thanks to Morgan (on the right) for snapping that photo. You did well getting them to pay attention and not make rabbit ears :)
Now for the Tasty Thursday food aspect of this post......
I had plenty of leftover turkey to add to this dish and this recipe appealed to us.
We tweaked it a bit by adding some extra chicken broth (it didn't call for any) which cooks out in the end but keeps it from burning to your pan.
We also like a bit more soy sauce and use our leftover stash of vegies in the freezer instead of simply cooked peas and carrots. Much more colorful (and frugal).
I present Turkey Fried Rice for a great leftover idea.

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