Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ain't Got No Time For This / Tasty Thursday

You can plan and plan and then it just comes down to what works, or not.

This baster was supposed to help with putting muffin mix into baking cups for the little guys who love to help me cook.
I. Bought. 2.

ziplock bag with corner cut to use for pouring.
This was what we had to resort to as the Pinterest idea was a total Fail.
Don't believe everything you see online. Just sayin.
There are 4 helpers, but one is showing his face so I cropped the picture.
Q.T.Pies, in transfixed state. They don't sit still much :)

End result, Gluten Free Martha White Mix blueberry muffins for breakfast.
 For lunch we used up some frozen vegies, diced some celery, and added everything the 'online recipe' (again) said. Only problem we had was that the THyME I had purchased at our good ol' Walmart had apparently fell out of the bag. Has anyone else noticed how easily they get holes in them? So,..... we resorted to using some granulated garlic, onion powder and adding some hashbrowns since I needed to save time after tearing apart the kitchen in search of 'Thyme'. Sounds like a pun. It could be intended.
Have a wonderful Tasty Thursday!

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