Thursday, December 17, 2015

What You Need To Know /Tasty Thursday

This Tasty Thursday, What you need to know in this picture is not the French,
it's the French Chef, 
Paul Bocuse.
Google, do your thing and Explain to the people about the Godfather of Chefs.
What you need to know about this early Christmas present isn't that it's new,
it's the creme dele creme of cast iron cocotte.
Used by world reknown chefs.
What my mama will call 
'that fancy Dutch oven'.
And it Will be initiated this evening.
And what you need to know in this hastily written recipe isn't the ingredients,
But the Instruction,
"Don't stir".

And What is in the recipe is enhanced by this ingredient.
The secret's out.
Here's the side dish you won't be ashamed of,
Spanish Rice.
It cooked so evenly, it was criminal.
Coming from a wife of a retired narcotics officer, 
This. Is. Serious.
If you MusT have a recipe, 
this is a decent one. 

And Remember,
"A messy kitchen is a 
Sign of Happiness"