Monday, October 31, 2016

Versatility/Missouri-Made Mondays

Many accessories are out there for keeping us warm in the great outdoors. Both in stores and online you can find just about anything that suits your fancy. To keep up with new trends, I decided to change up one of my most popular items and create a scarf with a bonus attribute. This is my newest item for sale in the Katy Trail Creations Etsy shop.

Infinity scarves have long been popular. Not to mention they are pretty helpful when the wind is blowing. Who in the world wants to worry about their scarf blowing off.
But making it a little larger this go-round gives you a little extra for evenings out where you need a little shoulder coverage.
Or what about keeping grammy warm in church? Beats trying to hold up her coat on her shoulders.

Come back next week for another Missouri-Made Monday to see what's new in the shop.