Friday, October 28, 2016

Gonna Make This/Friday Flavor

It's not too often I blog on a topic twice, but this is one that had double duty for me. Over on WordPress, I had the priviledge to enter my Thursday Doors post using a set of photos from last weekend. This is Part 2 using the rest of my pics.

Port Fonda is what was once a restaurant in an Airstream trailer turned into 2 restaurants of very classy "Inventive Mexican Food". One in Lawrence and the other in Westport, Mo. 
I have to admit I played it safe and tried the Chorizo Fundido. But Only after I inquired on the level of heat those poblano pepper strips carried. This Was All Mine! Sorry, I  had already dug in to the skillet. 
The view to my left.
The Bar behind me.

Note to the chef/owner, Patrick Ryan, (who by the way is doing the Midwest proud with some pretty outstanding awards)
I am going to attempt my own homemade version of your dish.
Thanks for the inspiration!