Monday, November 7, 2016

Warmin' the Walls/Missouri-Made Mondays

My seemingly endless pile of scrap fabric was dented a little this weekend.
The frugal penny pincher in me saved these batting pieces, and tacked them together.....
Pardon the strings attached, but you won't see them inside a quilt.
And I may or may not have ever mentioned one of the greatest inventions ever in a sewing machine......
The Walking Foot. I will explain more later on this add-on that didn't come with my machine.

There are still things that are best done by hand.......
Like basting together the layers. I love it best when I have a small enough quilt that I can do this on the table rather than on my knees. Too many knee surgeries make for much tenderness when you have to crawl around to baste. Just sayin'.
Maybe my quilter friends out there will give a miraculous suggestion on saving the knees??
Masking tape helps guide my stitches when I don't feel like drawing lines with quilter pencils. And I can reuse the tape a few times when transferring it to the rest of the quilt. 

Binding tomorrow evening while waiting on the election results.
Please remember to Vote! 

In the words of Missouri's own Mark Twain:
"Politicians and diapers must be changed often,
and for the same reason."