Monday, April 27, 2015

What Child is This?

What child wants.......

  • to Share---Set a timer so that when it beeps the toy can go to someone new for awhile and then back again.
  • to Wash hands---I buy foamy soap to "smash" it.
  • to Go Potty----especially in the middle of play. I am guilty. I bribe with stickers that have "special powers stuck to them". It keeps with the dramatic play they're involved in.
  • to Eat their vegies---Puree them an add to the spaghetti sauce. It's ok to be sly.
    • or tell them it makes their hair grow fast if they like getting hair cuts :)
  • to Be Quiet just because the baby is asleep---Pretend to be quiet so the bear can't hear you in his cave
  • to Take a Nap---Whe we wake up, it's time to do a "special" activity. And keep that promise.
  • To Sit Still--- During storytime, involve them with asking them to find and touch an item on each page, like "I Spy".
Any helpful hints for children? I'm all ears!

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