Saturday, April 25, 2015


This is the one letter that gave me trouble. Everyone has theirs and this was mine (this year). So lets get on with it.

List of Kinds of Vows:
  1.  Wedding vows
  2. Divine vows
  3. Monastic vows
  4. Presidential vows  **I could have went on and on with this topic but I'm really not into disputes**
  5. Congressional vows  **same as above**
  6. Vows to pledge honor  to your country  #OOH RAH! to my Marine Vet husband#
  7. Vows of revenge  **I do NoT Recommend**
  8. Vows of declaration  (ex. "Well, I vow it is as fine a boy as ever was seen!" Henry Fielding)
  9. Personal vows **to finish this blog challenge**
So just throwing out there that I am feeling "Venerated" (feeling of awe). Definitely Valuing each and every Visit and comment of you Virtuous people who I'm priviledged to meet on this Virtual space.

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