Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Te"X"as Tea

The object of the song The Ballad of Jed Clampett, is the oil they find, the Texas Tea, that made them millionaires. And so the tv show went on for several seasons in their mansion in Beverly Hills.

But what is your Texas Tea? To children it's "sugar". Make no bones about it, sugar makes the world go round when you are a child. Think fairs and bazaars. Snow cones, cotton candy, ice cream, funnel cakes, taffy, and much more.

My Child Care Food Program is regulated by the USDA and they are updating their regs for meals and snacks. One of their biggies is "sugar". We will be limited, once approved, on the kinds of sweets available to children. There are many pros and cons about this and I am sure I could make a major debate on the topic. But I prefer to find solutions for myself and my little precious charges because the changes are most definitely coming. Here are some options I will be putting "On the Table" instead of "cake-type sweet items" as their laws will Xclaim.

Instead of Donuts, I will be topping off my biscuits with some fresh berries and a dab of Cool Whip.

No Poptarts anymore. Instead we'll be making some toast and strawberry preserve sammies in my Panini press. YUmmO!

Can't have Cookies? How about Graham Crackers topped with Pineapple Cream Cheese? We can use raisins, craisins, banana slices or grapes to decorate.

For partytime, I'm going to let them make their own Yogurt parfaits. Each layer will have different colored fruits and we'll use some of my Auction finds, ice cream glasses.

Brownies eliminated? No problem. We're serving up Muddy Buddies. Chocolate Chex mix has "Whole Grain Rice" as its first ingredient. So There!!

I need to make sure I note that the changes on sweet items is not yet in effect. But where the children are concerned, I will find ways to 'sweeten' their day:)

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