Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stuff Getting Prepped

Time to move away from politics and back to our Etsy shop.

This soft, white kerchief/headscarf will soon be featured via one of my daughters or (crossing my fingers)one of my nieces.

One of my Softball night completions.

This is to show the yarn producers that I have found them out!
Yes you have shrunk the size of your yarn skeins and I'm onto you......
I will find a solution FYI.

Bought a pattern for this from Etsy. Its originally for a necklace. I made an ankle bracelet. I love it! (My daughter thinks I'm becoming a hippy. NOT!) My personal "first" Etsy purchase. Was a very pleasant shopping experience. Got to shop from home, got my purchase in less than 30 minutes, and met the shop owner via messaging. What more could you ask for????
( I wish every product could be emailed!! lol)

The 2 photos above are earrings created by my daughter, Kirsten. She has great fashion sense!!
Hope to have these items available soon in the shop.
Otherwise, you'll see them at one of our craft booths this fall.

To purchase the crochet tube pattern, please visit: