Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thank You Eileen!!

I'm blogging today about the nomination I received for the Sunshine Award from my blogger friend over at Crochet Attic.
Thank you again Eileen! This brightened my day!

Sunshine Award rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you : YES

Answer 10 questions on your favorite things

Nominate 10 blogs to receive the sunshine award and let them know they’ve been nominated

Favorite animal: Horses

Favorite number: 8

Favorite non alcoholic drink: Diet Pepsi

Facebook or Twitter:Both

My passion: Family & Children in my life,

Getting or giving : giving

Favorite pattern: Infinity Scarves
Favorite day of the week: Saturday

Favorite flower: Lilac and Honeysuckle

Favorite country: My home in the USA

My 10 Favorite Blogs:

1. Crochet Attic

2.Osage Bluff Quilter My very first follower & fellow Missourian. Love ya Patti!

3.Grandma Sals

4.Maybe Matilda (Really she's Rachel but I like her crochet & etc.)

5. Little Treasures (Purchased a pattern from her Etsy store.)

6. Daisy Cottage Designs

7. Flour Arrangements, (My eldest daughter is gluten intolerant)

8. Kathyinozarks Another cool Missouri gal!!

9. Totally Tots ---afterall, I Am a Childcare Provider for over 17 years

10. tangled happy