Sunday, July 1, 2012

Last Sunday

Did you know there is a Holocaust Museum in St. Louis, Missouri???
We didn't until Rachel told us her history class required her to find a historic location to visit.
This was one of her choices.
And it was free (except for gas & food during the trip)
Finding a "Happy" background was not easy.
Rachel was amused by the spelling of Missouri.
This was a very humbling tour.
I can't leave out the thought most on my mind the entire time.....
This is just as bad as the annihilation of the Native Americans.
When will we have our recognition??
There were an estimated 19 million of us 500 years ago.
In 1900 there were fewer than 250,000.
They had to have a star,
We have to have a number.
Just food for thought.

Wise Words
Our trek home took us pass this historic marker. The burial place of Daniel Boone.
It was a real workout for my quads.
Dr. Browne would be proud :)