Friday, June 1, 2012

Shame on you Missouri Congressmen & Governor Nixon!!!

Child care cut by $10 million in Missouri
I have been working on the accreditation process with Child Care Aware of Missouri for over a year now. They have directed me on the path to raising my quality of care in my familyl home daycare. With their help I was well on my way to becoming accredited. Now we have come to a complete standstill.
Trainwreck comes to mind.
I am saddened that our congressmen in the great state of Missouri find it unimportant to raise the bar in what is best for the children.
So Mr. Congressman, when you're old and gray and wonder why you can't get "quality care" in your nursing home, I hope your conscience bugs the crap out of you!!!!
"And may the nurse's aids forget to change your diaper."
(A new Irish blessing)