Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May is Busy

Who knew that after my last post on May 4 that I would have had so much going on?
Our 2 daughters went and surprised us with a 25th Wedding Anniversary reception on May 6 at the Green Ridge Community Center. We were very humbled that we've been blessed with such loving daughters.
Our cake with a picture of 2 youngsters. Who told them they were old enough to get married???? 

In loving memory of my uncle who gave me away and all our loved ones like him who have gone before who were at our wedding, we released balloons.
Also May is well known for all the school functions. This one is the Spring Concert at Smith Cotton High School. 
I'm saving news of Kirsten's Joplin trip for another blog post. Yep that was in May too.

Potatoes hilled twice
Peas, beets & lettuce doing fair too.

And did I mention the Mother's Ring my family had made for me????