Friday, May 4, 2012

Scraps Repurposed

Had a bunch of these cowls/circle/infinity scarves that sold out last year. That left me with a pretty significant bag of leftover yarn.
(My youngest daughter makes a fabulous model fyi)

Here's stage 1 of those leftovers.
Trying to decide on whether it just needs a border, or more squares.
Either one is an option.
Decision to come......
For those who don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, here's the update on my mother.
She's officially back home now so it's Stage 2 for her now. Restrengthening her right side is her challenge. She needs the aid of a walker and has to try to think ahead on normal life instances. Such as how to get that cup of coffee from the coffee pot to her recliner in the next room. But she is one determined lady and we are confident this time next year she'll be back to her old self.