Sunday, April 15, 2012

Story of Two Skirts

Late on my blog posts as my mother suffered a stroke Wednesday evening. In case you didn't know, yes the world does stop when it comes to your mother. Her well being is priority #1 for us right now.

So before this incident, I intended to post the 2 skirts we preparred for Easter services at church. Time was an issue so we had to keep it real simple. Kirsten owns skirts, but it seems they are all Fall/Winter colors. So we headed to look at patterns and use fabric I had on hand. Here's her fabric/pattern choice ...

Next we had a skirt upcycle to take care of. Before, the skirt was going to go to a yard sale stash. She reconsidered when I told her we could shorten it to make it more 'in style'. So we did.

Approximately 10 inches were taken off both lining and outer skirt.
The finished result.
(Someday I will attempt a tutorial.)

This pic is under the blooming dogwood trees. I think everyone was pretty pleased with the
Two Skirts.