Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crisis Averted/Tasty Thursday

We found these in the freezer section Tuesday night. I had a feeling that my menu plan for Thursday was about to change. And I was correct.

 I would like to ask Udi's to do some forethought on the readability of this panel of information. I can see that UPC code really well, hint hint. One part I will decipher for you; 135mg Cholesterol. Ug! 
It figures. So I didn't eat the half bag serving. Saved myself from a little guilt.

This is the part where there could have been a major crisis. I have to admit I was in a hurry and tried using my superhuman strength. To a fault.
The eldest daughter was casually observing and decided to hand me some shears. I think she was more worried that the contents would end up for the dog and we'd have to have soup....or hot dogs.
 But all's well that ends well and we enjoyed this new offering from the Udi's gluten free line of convenient frozen foods. I have not been paid to endorse this product. I'm just sharing a little bit of Stephanie's Stuff on this return to Tasty Thursday