Saturday, May 14, 2016


Where in the world would I be without my Best Girls?!
Just want to take a second to give them some well-deserved recognition.
Lori and her boys. 
Currently in Tennessee. Miss your face!

Marty and a recent reunion. Such a happy day :)
Currently from Louisville, Kentucky. Thanks for letting me know how to 'properly' say Louisville. ;)

Rachel and Kirsten.
Couldn't be any prouder of you two!

And of course there's Mom and Sis. 
I'll always be thankful for your love and support.

I have a theme going on here you probably don't know unless you know all of us.
It's Faces of Strong women. I'd put these women in politics any day and there'd be
 no racism, no starving babies and world peace.

'Call us' whoever wins the U.S. presidency. We have some great pointers.

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