Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saucy Angle/ Tasty Thursday

Grocery night is a pain when you're on a time restraint.
Mother wanted to deliver a package to me and I needed to beat the sunset home.
(she doesn't like driving at night anymore)
More on the package next week.
But I planned ahead this week and only had to bake the chicken strips, microwave the pre-baked potatoes and toss the salad.
The toppings are the topic of this Tasty Thursday
We really love this sweet chili sauce on our chicken. It would be great on wontons, crab rangoon or egg rolls.   It has just a little bite.
Define "little" you may ask.
You won't need sour cream to sooth your palette.
You won't drink more water or wine.
But don't feed it to your children.
They will feel the heat.
The fringe benefit here is it's gluten free.
Gluten-free makes 1/2 the household pretty happy.
Another Gluten-free Sauce I'm sharing is....
You probably can't tell but the bottle is Empty.
I didn't forget to buy more. Our Walmart didn't have anymore.
My mission:
Let the HomeTown grocer know I need it ordered ASAP.
When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.