Friday, June 5, 2015

My Invention

Ever thought about creating or inventing something? Well, after all the weeks and weeks of rain the Central US is getting, I wondered why on earth we don't divert that flood water to California? Wouldn't it be just as easy as building an oil pipe line to Alaska??? Don't they want Lake Mead in Nevada refilled? And if they had an earthquake that broke the water pipe line, it would hurt the environment How???!! What on earth could be any worse to spend our money on. I mean look at the government waste. Water at least would matter to agriculture, and human existence for cryin out loud.
The President can sign tons of Executive orders for all kinds of changes that need to be made. Is there a monopoly on water? It falls from the sky. Plain and simple, it's for everyone.
With all the techno geeks out there, surely someone can figure this out.
I only have the idea.