Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Life in Song

Songs that would describe my life it asks.
Shall we go with Children's songs? Those are the ones I hear most often on a daily basis.
First there would be "I'm Gonna Catch a Baby BumbleBee."
Think, the part where they say "Ouch! He stung me!" I spent the better part of my childhood being the one to get in trouble or hurt. I heard the phrase, "Now how did you do THat?" quite often. It was Murphy's Law for me. If it could happen, it would. I would be the one to paint my dad's Indian motorcycle with a stripe of red. I was merely tryin to wipe off paint from the stir stick. Really. Can you say furious? I earned a swat that day. I Never Got By With Anything. Just throwing that out there.

The "Wheels on the Bus" could refer to the years I spent in school. I found great success in school and rarely got in trouble there. I'm sure there was great relief to my parents. Oh, I still got hurt. There's the time I broke my two front teeth (Permanent ones) and then the time I was participating in a square dance routine for P.E. and my knee decided to dislocate to the point I had to be carried off to the doctor's office for a "relocation" of said appendage. They say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. Well that's probably mine, unfortunately.

I feel like "10 Little Indians" best describes my adulthood spot on the children's song list.  Who knew I'd be caring for all these children in my adult years? And we Do count a lot. :) There's days of the week, how many are here each meal, setting the timer for taking turns. Not to mention counting to learn with each theme of the week. Just touching the tip of the iceberg.

As of today, I'm picking "Are You Sleeping". After my neighbors decided to party it up all night, I'm missing my planned visit to church due to lack of sleep. I'd really rather not look like I have an eye disease upon entering the Lord's house. Is Murphy's Law entering the equation again?