Thursday, May 14, 2015

Minnie Dear

The weekend after I finished the A to Z Challenge, we had a yard sale. A fellow Green Ridgeon stopped by and while flipping through one of my antique books, he found this letter.
Here are some of the books. Antique books are further down the table.
This is the letter
Let me say, this lady was "peppery".
(The underlined words are exactly as the author penned it.)
And she appreciated the company of her niece.
 So much so that she's ribbing her a bit to visit more often.
I can definitely see my Great Aunt Lois firing off one of these letters to her nieces.
Hope you enjoy!


Minnie Dear,
I tried and tried to get a note to you for the last week or 2 (but no soap). So as bad as I hate to, here goes my last stamp wasted might as well say. But these Males around here just won’t, will not, have not delivered my important letters. (that’s letters not litters) So I’ll try another kind of mail for my letter that is!
It’s a shame you didn’t get my letter I wrote the nite dearie brung home your picture I wrote such nice things about you. I was sure you’d keep it for a keep sake. I’ll probably never be in that mood again. Too bad isn’t it. But just to make you feel good I’ll say your picture was just (to to). Don’t you think that’s real kind of me to say such a wonderful thing about you? Huh Say, how’s Louise? I like to went nuts worrying about that. Nitwit Dorsey told dearie she was in the Hospital but no one knew what was wrong with her. I wrote you a note on Mon. but Gaylen said you all weren’t on the bus so I had Ernie to stop by when he went to town. I guess she got rid of that Fish Bait but I bet I get kilt for that but it such a good joke I could help getting it off on her. Haha. I guess it wasn’t no joke to mama but tell her to for give me my inside little joke. Wasn’t any worse than worms tho. I guess they rested enough. I suppose you ladies, I use the word loosely have your new Easter outfits. Well I have my fits . I don’t know if I can think of a new one or not. I believe I already tried them all. And wasn’t any of them work on /Lover Boy/. I ironed this morning and I’m just about tuckered out. Deacon’s lying under my seat crying can I go down where daddy’s at. Over and over, he & Grandpop are building a bridge down back of the barn and I guess Deacon thinks they need a Boss. As if they don’t have any.
Have you got your washing machine working yet? They sure save a lot of work don’t they! Brother R. was suppose to wire your house this week.They just haven’t showed up yet. Won’t it be nice when It all get lit up with bright lights that is. Say why don’t you drop over some nite or if Gather will let you and you don’t have a date come and stay one whole week end Can’t you? I wish you would be for school is out because if you don’t I may never see you again. Say that might not be bad at that hahaha
Course (bein) Spring and all I guess you’re pretty busy poor!dearie. I guess he’s getting old instead of his fancy turning to love. All he thinks about is weeds & grass. He made him a power lawn mower and can’t wait till he can try it out (poor me) Well  better stop. I think I have my three cents worth don’t you. So, so long and bye bye.
Your ever lovin Aunt