Monday, May 4, 2015

Funny Thing, Those Comments

A Reflection is defined:
the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected

something reflected or the image so produced, as by a mirror

careful or long consideration or thought

So, in my careful, but not long, observation, I am not as sure about the way the visiting other blogs is monitored as it was last year. Just wasn't feeling it. But I can honestly say I myself did go above and beyond visiting others nearly every day. I felt that the days when I visited way over 5 other blogs, it was ok to not see quite as many the next. After all, I know I'm not alone in working a full-time job while performing this challenge. And half the time I would find the blog hadn't yet posted a current letter so it ended up I could cover all the letters pretty well. I'm thankful for all the visits I received and supportive comments. Thanks to the hosts and co-hosts as well for making sure I had at least one comment. You were all great this year!

But how can I prove I was there other than the comments? How can anyone else tell? Is there an unknown app that tells the hosts and co-hosts who is really visiting others? Just wondering. I wouldn't want it to be like one of my husband's sting operations from his law enforcement days, but I do wonder how many people really did their part?

I did notice that certain posts were ignored by the titles I used. I find it funny that an occasional reference to religion was met with silence. I guess it's my bad for thinking it wouldn't offend anyone. But I'm thankful for the opportunity to speak my part on the topics I chose. I'm thankful not being forced to pick a category as I was not always going to write a post with a religious or musical reference. My jump-off point usually started with the song title I chose to perform. So maybe next year if I choose to perform a song with my banjo, I'll choose that category of (MU). But maybe not. I'm not sure I would have had as many responses. The banjo is often misunderstood due to certain stigmas such as the classic movie "Deliverance". And then there's the irritation I even feel when reading a post and am expected to watch a Youtube video. Yes, I admit it.There's not always enough time.

Is there a complaint in there? Just an itty-bitty one. I admit I don't always agree with a blogger's post, but I'd at least let them know I'd dropped in to read. Just common respect for their hard work in my opinion.

The high point of my blogging happened on Day 26 with Letter Z. I was delivering my "soap box" to the world hoping to help spread awareness to anyone willing to listen to my story of Vanishing White Matter Disease (and also to ask for prayers and hope). Someone had a family member with this terminal illness who was a part of our A to Z Challenge. A disease so rare that only about 30 children in the world have this illness. I was extremely humbled to say the least. To be able to help someone else in any way, even just sharing the links to learn more about the disease, to me, was the best reward possible.

My best regards to all my blogger friends, whether you are an aspiring writer, or just the everyday Joe like myself trying to make sense of this crazy world. Hope to see you all throughout the year. I'll be around.

I was messaged this morning on Facebook saying my Letter Z post was shared on the Find a Cure for VWM Facebook page. This A to Z thing has such a domino effect. Many thanks to the founders and those who help keep it going!