Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How Do You Do It?

Keeping an even keel while caring for 9 children is somewhat of a curiosity to some. So what do I do in my down time to remain sane?

Everyone who knows me personally knows I've recently been blessed with a house addition and am even more blessed with a room dedicated to my hobbies, crochet/sewing/quilting. What would I do without my time to be creative?

Another way to keep it real is to spend time gardening. Somehow, with my back yard still in mud pit mode, I managed (with my hubby's help) to put in a raised bed garden. Love my vegies and hoping for a good year since my neighbor so generously donated some of his fertile farm soil to our new garden spot. He's farmer 3 days a week and neighbor 4 days. He and his Mrs. have been living this arrangement for nearly 10 years. I'm getting off track here so on to the sanity savers.

Spending time with my family is also one of the best ways I keep the brain in lower altitudes. I have some of the greatest relatives on the planet. Just sayin. We have awesome get-togethers just bringing pot luck items and shooting the sh*t. We are probably pretty red-neck to most, but we don't judge and most always get along with anyone. Our White Elephant Family Christmas parties are awesome and the reunions ain't bad either. And my husband and daughters are top of the list in keeping me steady. Wouldn't know what to do without them.

My list could go on as I have a multitude of ways I enjoy my free time. Honestly, I have to say my job isn't really that stressful anyway. Who else gets paid to play all day and cuddle babies? They aren't critics of my banjo playin either :)

Oh wait, I guess I should mention that banjo is my ultimate weapon against insanity.
Hear it below: