Friday, April 26, 2013

What the Hay?!!

Venting post.>>>>>
First my doctor tells me I need to schedule a visit......for my water pills??? Really????!!!! I just had blood work done in January and everything is Improved!!!  Time for a change in physicians???

Second, my email tells me about an expansion grant.....for non-profits only. Really????!!!! Slap in the face to home providers who are able to embrace smaller group settings and better nuturing of children. (we really want a safe room built)

It always comes in 3's......What will it be next???

I am now stepping off of my soap box and putting it up for now.

Well anyway, here's a pic of my Auction Score.
Got this King-Sized quilt for a steal.
Thank you Kirsten and Zach for helping me hold it up on the Katy Trail!! In case any of you wondered, chivalry is Not dead at least :)