Monday, December 31, 2012

What To Do On A Snowy Day

View out my back door this afternoon.
Gotta love it :)

This is how much yarn I started out with.
Usually I would roll it up in a giant ball and put it in my stash.

My mother bought me this yarn winder for Christmas!!
It's pretty awesome.

The color of the yarn is Cafe'Late'. Appropriate I'd say.
Advantages I can see with winding this yarn in this manner are
  • You can just pull the yarn from the center
  • No hand cramping from rolling it up by hand
  • You will not have knots show up unexpectedly
  • If there are blemishes in the yarn, you'll find them thru the winding process
And my personal favorite,
Desmond won't get hit in the head at naptime by a runaway ball of yarn while laying on the cot at my feet :)
Thanks Mom!!!!
Happy New Year everyone!!!!!