Saturday, December 15, 2012

Auction, Bottle, Party

Those three words might conjer up various images. But let me explain them in the order you see........
For quite awhile, Ron and I have attended local auctions. We have come up with some interesting items, some of which will end up in a yard sale. Or better yet, have been donated  to a good cause.
The ones typically designated for said yard sales are the ones hidden in the bottom of a box, grouped together for cheapness' sake, or someone looked up at the wrong time (not me). The auctioneer who did that we'll just call "John". You know who you are :)
All that led up to us acquiring a beauty of an item.
Let me just say I have braggin rights.

What you see here is a 1920's to 1930's era printed embroidery piece according to our appraiser.
We think it was embroidered by someone and placed in a 'safe place'. You know, the place everyone has where something of great importance is placed and then forgotten.
We felt compelled to have it framed for a spot in our home.
It was produced by Merribee Art Emb. Co.and we can't find another one online like it.
We think it's a gem & deserves a place of importance in our home.
Hope you can appreciate it for the treasure it is. 
So that's the AUCTION section

Our daughter finished her chemistry experiment/final last night.
The inside of the bottle was coated with silver nitrate, you know, the stuff they make mirrors with? So it's very reflective and hard to get a good picture of.
Note to self: I need photoshop.
They say if you can see your eye in the bottom of the bottle, you did good.

Ron had to check it out. (I did too)

Notice the time? Late night for Rachel. 

This was very good in Chicken Marsala. Olive Garden eat your heart out. 
That concludes the BOTTLE portion.

It is December.
It is time for our annual
White Elephant Christmas Party.

Rules for gift giving at our party:
  1. Must be a "white elephant" type of gift. (You really don't want it)
  2. Must be kept a secret
  3. Must keep it for 2 years if you wanna regift it to some lucky person
So here ya go.......
Another Smilebox for your viewing enjoyment
straight from Maybelle and Bob's garage.
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