Monday, January 21, 2013

Plight of the Poor

The title of this post might lead you to thinking it's another political spin being it's Inauguration Day and Martin Luther King Jr Day. But .......Not.

Recently the licensing rules for my daycare changed. They now dictate that the playpens you see here
must be replaced.
I searched the world over for a grand idea to keep from throwing these out to the curb.
Since they are on a recall list, they cannot be sold or given away.
It's a Federal Offense.
I really don't want jail time.
I hear plenty of stories from my retired deputy hubby.
And most important is child safety.
So being we are the one-income family that is more and more commonplace in this economy,
I am striving to repurpose, recycle, reuse, whatever you wanna call it.

On Pinterest, these folks decided to use their playpen for a ball pit.
Very cool, but try and imagine 10 children in my small ranchstyle home with access to all those balls.
Enough said.
Another person made an adorable hideaway, cozy reading/relaxing area for children.
(photo on my Pinterest Childs Play board)
But if the playpens are recalled for collapsing on babies, I doubt license reps would approve them lying around in one on its side.
So on to the next idea.
This was garden 2010, One our best years for the garden.
I'm thinking the playpen turned upsidedown and lined with plastic would make a great cold frame.
You won't see this idea in use for a month or so as it's currently
18 degrees Fahrenheit here in Central Missouri.
But I can't wait to get an early beginning on plants to have an economical jumpstart to my garden.

By the way, if you have an idea for repurposing playpens, please share!
I know a few childcare providers who would listen.........