Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life Throws Curves

An old pair of jeans that once belonged to my mother in law.
The remainder of a dress once worn by myself.

A swatch of chambrey fabric from my stash.
I combined these items & another pair of men's slacks to make walker totes for.....
These two.... My father-in-law & mother-in-law.
Recently, Nancy, the mil, fell & severely broke her ankle. She's home-bound for a good while.
Ron, the fil, has been wheel-chair-bound for quite awhile over his foot wound.

While Nancy was able to care for both of them before, things changed drastically for them after her injury.
So, I decided instead of sending her flowers.....
She needed a Handy Tote for the walker.

Of course she needed a little bling!

Here's the inside lining.
And here's the "Papa" version as our daughters call it.

Lined inside too with the chambrey.
These items were created with 'repurposing' in mind. The chambrey fabric was purchased (a long time ago) but all other items were recycled.
Say some prayers please for their quick recovery. They are each very independent people who have never asked anyone for help. Most of us know that God has reasons for everything & they were obviously meant to slow down for awhile.