Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rummage Sale Finds & a Parade

This Fall has been excellent around Mid-Missouri for Yard/Rummage Sales. I have the proof!
Last weekend's fabulous find was at my Aunt Maybelle's sale.
This quilt top was made my my Uncle Larry's aunt.
It has a little bit of repair needed before I sandwich it but overall,
it's in excellent condition.
We're all thinking 1920's fabrics & maybe some flour sack fabrics thrown in for good measure.
What do You think???
For the kiddos, we have 2 bags and a bag of shoes for dress up!
They will Love Nancy for her thinking of them.
Thank you Nancy for helping me out.
New toys are always welcome!

The Driver of the FBLA Homecoming Float

Float Theme

Every circus needs a strong man
 I should photo shop the fishing line I guess :)
Some Future Business Leaders
Waiting for the word to "Go"
Final note: None of our balloons popped!!!!
Great job to the
2010 Smith Cotton FBLA!