Friday, October 15, 2010

It's a Safari!(party)

These little cupcakes slathered with a mountain of icing were the inspiration
for our Safari party.
We had 3 birthdays to celebrate this week!

A sample of supplies you'll need to drive on your safari.
We had a driver with a steering wheel (amazing I know)
a spotter with the binoculars to look out for lions,
cameras for the tour & sunglasses for all.There were also blankets
and cell phones. For some reason, food wasn't mentioned.
We might need to work on that as there are no McD's hanging around
these areas.
And....did you know 'safari' means journey???

We eventually got bored with the dramatic & switched gears to playing with the classic Barrels of Monkeys.
Here we have 3 colors to sort & count as well as just play the game.

The critique of my eldest daughter goes like this for our 'pin the nose on the elephant' game.
"Mom, he looks like his eye is in the wrong place, he looks like a cyclops, no make that an
Thanks sweetie!!
Our parachute tossed this little elephant around. To start, I ask a child to name a number & then we see if we can toss the animal up & down that many times while staying on the parachute. It can be challenging.  
 The story is about the stuck elephant who was saved by the parrot. (his feathers make the elephant sneeze & he goes flying out of the mud.) These over-sized books are really fun to use!

Quotable Quote

Children's games are hardly games. Children are never more serious than when they play.