Sunday, September 5, 2010

Windsor Craft Show

Ron & I arrived Saturday with lunch for Mom & Kirsten at Windsor, Missouri.
Our table was set up on the South side of Main Street in front of an unused building.
It had apparently not been open for a year; Ill health of the owners according to the locals.
I am So-o-o proud of my Kirsten. She has found a niche & is thoroughly enjoying her new
venture as an entrepreneur. She can tell you what each of her stones are and some information
about where they are found, etc. (I do good to remember my colors. :) too many years
with 2 year olds)

Closer view of bracelets
My stack of crocheted dishcloths

Some coasters I threw together
Popular items -- Jams & jellies & potholders
Mom's preserves are Wonderful!
Kitchen towels by Mom
Sweatshirts by Mom not too popular until it gets much cooler.
Then watch out! They are in big demand.
Crisis of the day was when the vendor next to ours was
life-flighted to St. Lukes in KC. Believe she was having heart
issues. Helped pack up her things with an official of
the Windsor Septemberfest. Our prayers are with her.
Here is our 'stuff'. We had a really nice spot with awning above.
Didn't have to bring an umbrella and no sunburn worries.
Couldn't have been better!
(Unless we sold out.)