Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beauty Shop Party for Alexa

Alexa returned to school for the year after spending her summer at daycare with us.
We hope being a 2nd grader is lots of fun for her! We sure miss her smile greeting us
each morning. We can always count on Alexa to come in the door as cheerful as sunshine!
Her one request was for a Beauty Shop party. So I have some photos of what it takes to
have one.

Blow dryer, mirror, comb, bottles of ?, scissors

Typewriter just sounded like it should be included
(notice those adorable little fingers? That's our baby Dexter)
Here we have another blowdryer, hair do-dads, papers for appointments & another mirror
Curlers --beauty shop essential
Victim #1 (we're saving the best for last)
Naturally you need a cellphone
This is usually a beauty shop essential, but in
childcare, it's for taking turns....
Especially when only 2 of the 3 blowdryers
uses batteries.
The moment you've been waiting for....
Victim #2!
Thanks Rachel for being a great help for Alexa's special day.
Love ya! Mom