Monday, September 27, 2010

Baylor Excursion

Took Rachel to Baylor University this weekend. In case you didn't know it's in
 Waco, Texas.
We needed to go this particular weekend as it was 'open campus' for
tours for those interested in attending there.
We stayed in Arlington, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.
The campground was great, but we worried a little about the flood guages.

Take into account here that both my girls are taller than me. I was a little troubled as
there were flash flood warnings on the day we visited Waco. Yikes!

Another interesting fact was what they called speed breakers,
we here in Missouri call Speed Bumps.
Which one is better???
I don't know but they are all annoying in parking lots.

Here are the Baylor Bears, Joy & Lady.
Too Cute!

Some Bear Facts for your reading enjoyment.
Naturally I stuck with the 'bear' theme & bought a book for
my daycare children. They love it when I go someplace.
They know I'll bring back a surprise!

Here was our surprise! When stopping in Urbana, Missouri to
stretch our legs, imagine what went thru our minds seeing this
tire (or lack of tire) under the camper. We never heard or felt
a thing. Thankfully there was no damage to the camper itself and we all 
survived this mad dash trip to Baylor.