Monday, September 20, 2010

Rock Swap

By Sunday afternoon, I've had enough of cleaning closets. So we grabbed our purses
 & took off to Lincoln, Missouri for the Rock Swap.
 Kirsten has plans for studying geology & this is her forte.
Out first stop was at this display shown by a man from Iowa.
Kirsten picked out a couple pieces that they display in water.
This shows the brilliance each type of rock has to offer.
For $2 she picked out a piece of petrified wood and a piece of
Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla has an attractive blue-green color and is a minor ore of copper.
Her next purchase was a geode. They broke it open with a pipe cutter.

The pipe cutter makes a great symetrical cut instead of crushing it.

Here's Kirsten about to part with her last $8.
But she worked hard this summer for it & I'm very proud of her
interest in geology.