Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kirsten & Me at the Fair

Ron and Rachel are both working Sunday evening so Kirsten and I decided to head out to see the Missouri State Fair.

First stop is the Horticulture Building.

My personal favorite
She  & her daddy had just been talking about these dirt clod fights
he had when he was young.
This one's for you Ron.
Bad hair day. Where's Mary???

Generating electricity. Not as easy as you think once
the switches are all ON.
Finally! The Home Economics Building. Here's a quilt
 Sedalia, Missouri's 150th year.

This one was Kirsten's favorite.
 Sounds like a good quilt title doesn't it?
Now fabric scrap lovers will understand exactly why this one is my favorite.
I don't yet keep selvages. But should I??
As you can see, the majority of the quilts here are layed,
folded across hanging 1x2's and it is such a shame you can't view the entire quilt.
 There were dozens on exhibit like this.
 There was no suggestion box, but I'm writing to the fair this year
to proclaim my dissappointment.
Don't know how much good it will do.
 Anyone got some good words of advice to get their attention
without offending them?
Our quilter's spend way too much time on them
 to not let the public see them in their entirety.

Here's another one folded over with a touching story attached.
It's all hand embroidered & hand quilted
for the great granddaughter of the quilter.

Our county's 4-H banner(redone for 2010)
Found one of my 4-H Crochet kids projects on display.
Way to go Lauryn!!

This is THE place to get your corndog at our fair.
 Rumor has it that people have offered to buy their recipe from them
 & they have turned them down.
Smart choice! They need a spot on Food Network.
Sunset. Enough said.