Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time to Lower the Cholesterol

To show gratitude to my grandfather who knew how to make the Best steak in a skillet, & to my great grandmother who made "the bomb" banana cream pie, I am out on a mission to lower my cholesterol and be as great a cook as they were! Thanks to my genetics & the fact that I love a great meal, I must make some changes. Visit to my doctor revealed this news this morning.Yes, there are still doctors who are open on Saturdays. I count my blessings for mine.
Entering attempt #1 using some green peppers from my garden.
This vegie dish is called
Sweet Peppers stuffed with Scalloped Corn

The victims..... my in-laws. & my eldest daughter home from work for a few from the Fair.
For this recipe, you can visit
I really don't think it's daycare friendly simply because of all the green. For some reason, green turns kids away from eating. Maybe I should use yellow peppers & add some cheese for them?