Saturday, August 21, 2010

Royal Party for Michael

When I asked Michael what his thought was for a party idea, he immediately said Kings & Queens. So whadayagonnado? Have a Royal Party of course. He's off to Kindergarten now & we hope our little send-off was just what he had in mind. Here are instructions for how to have a Royal Party;

Your gonna need some playdoh with 'magic dust' (glitter) sprinkled in to work those finger muscles
 & get them ready for writing in Kindergarten.

All Kings need a banner.
We proclaimed it King Michael's Kingdom for the day.
The lesser subjects got paper towel tubes for their banners
 while King Michael got the wrapping paper tube.
The banner is some wallpaper samples cut into long,
narrow strips and decorated on the back.
Did I mention we are into recycling & reusing around here?
For the King Michael Toll Road, we minted him some coins.
These are frozen juice can lids.
We asked him how much a coin is worth & he picked the 5 cents.
 Hoping to gain some math skills with this activity as well as social skills in sharing.
Went to Dollar Tree & bought 2 rolls of garland to make crowns for everyone.
(Now what to do with that extra roll)
We dressed up next as Dragons (above), Kings & Queens. Out came the capes, dresses, belts,
& even a Hawaiian shirt. (They have royalty too ya know)
Here's a list of Royal Proclamations for the day....
1. Only Strawberry Ice Cream
2. Only Spidermen for Halloween
3.Only Ghosts for Halloween(there could be war)
4.Only diggers for toys
5. All Mommies must stay at daycare
Each Proclamation was written on a 'scroll' & read aloud by
7 yr. old Alexa. We'd throw confetti & give a cheer each time as the king or queen
walked down a carpet square path.
(Carpet remnant samples from the local carpet store. More reusing)

My soapbox: Children will spend 13 years getting formal education;
not to mention the college years.
Please remember to allow them the time to "play" in order to
develop a love for learning!!!