Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some Red, White & Blue

With our Picnic for the 4th theme last week, we started with this checked 'tablecloth' activitity.
Children were to pick a letter they recognized, say it, & then glue on the white square. As we went on, we did numbers too.
Our front door flag started out like this.....

Here it is in action

More action.... (next year we'll try real cloth)

The Grand Ol' Flag on our front door!
Happy Birthday USA!

Celebrating the 4th isn't the same without a little picnic. So I rounded up some sunvisors, foam stickers, & crayons for these little additions to our picnic.
Here's Alexa's
And here's a little grub. Ham & cheese sandwiches, celery (with dip :), and some mixed fruit salad with stars marshmallows mixed in set on Mickey Mouse plates. What's more American than Mickey Mouse?? And of course do you remember that Walt Disney is a Missourian??
Notice Miley's patient hands waiting for her lunch?? Do I hear an Awwww?