Friday, July 2, 2010


This is my arm with a lovely hive on it.
Here's how it happened....
I decided to be "safe" and get my vaccine for Tetanus updated. With all the gardening, I knew I was apt to get a cut, so I made my appointment with the Pettis County Health Center like I've done before for flu shots, TB tests(for childcare licensure), etc.
I asked for the tetanus shot. They assured me that the better choice was for the DTaP which innoculated me for Whooping Cough.  I call it Venom now. Ron assures me it's serum. NOT. I was sick Tuesday & Wednesday because of the "better choice" meaning I saved $20. I call it Venom because I can.
On a better note,
here's a pic of me & the girls shopping last weekend. We got flip flops.
woo hoo!!