Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Nite

We went gooseberry pickin' with my momma this evening. All the daycare children were gone by 5:20 & so we got all decked out in blue jeans, long socks, boots & gloves. Then we donned the parfume of the outdoors, Tick & Mosquito spray.... The brands varied as we used a mix & match to cover all the bases.
The result was only 1 tick on all 4 of us, Ron, Kirsten, Mother & myself. Not a bad average I'd say & the tick hadn't bitten anyone yet. So I'm pleased. So is Kirsten cuz it was on her sock.  (My little Miss Rachel was at the Community Cafe performing her civic duty as Ex. Director for the evening.)
We found a 1/2 gallon of gooseberries for our troubles. Troubles being snakes, ticks, mosquitos, thorns & poison ivy, poison oak & Virginia creeper.
If you don't know a gooseberry, here's a pic...They are similar to a currant I'm told. Never had a currant so I can't say if that's true. Now it's time to make some jam!!! Pics of that later.....

When we got home Ron cooked up a stack of good ol' sliced bologna to put on Texas Toast w/mayonaise & tomato & cheese. He added bread & butter pickles to his. Then we ran out, but I was perfectly fine without them. It tasted wonderful! Here's the bologna....