Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fabric Binge & Tree Trimmin'

I had coupons for JoAnn's for this weekend. But wouldn't ya know, everything was already on sale. In the photo all but the tan fabric was on sale. Now what to do with it?? I have several ideas. Placemats for my table come to mind first.
I think I got a pretty good deal on the muslin. There are 12 yards here at a little under $2.50 per yard. I definitely have plans for that! Can you say Quilt??
(And for the record, my daughters didn't go wrong at JoAnn's either. Kirsten got jewelry stuff & Rachel got scrapbooking stuff.)

Tree Trimmer will now be on Rachel's resume. We've been trying to get these trees from shading my corn. Was a risky ordeal since we didn't want any of those limbs landing in the garden or flattening the fence. All went well though. Grandma Nancy is supervising. Dad was at the store looking for parts for his pole saw. He returned in time to finish the trimming for Rachel.
Kirsten taking a break. Her job was to remove the limbs to the brush pile. I was very grateful for all their help since I had been sick on Friday. It's not pretty when mom gets sick.