Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Gardening

Got some pics of my tiring weekend gardening. Had to go back to work this morning to get any rest!!
Ron took a lovely photo of this dragonfly. I'm trying to talk him into starting his own blog. He takes some awesome photos.

Our potato bin is really taking off. I can hardly keep up with filling it in with dirt & peat moss. It's really a messy job when it's windy.

Kirsten just Had to take this pic of me without any makeup. But I told her that I'm not scared! I can handle it! At least the bad hair day is covered with the ballcap.

My dog, aka the bully, found a snake & played with it
while we were picking up our garden tools. Here he's pretty much laying on it while it's playing dead. It's just a garter snake so not a big deal. But I freed it when he wasn't looking since they're supposed to be good for the garden?? Sound sure of myself don't I?? It ended up weaving itself in & out of the chain link fence. That's my MIL's yard & if she reads this she may not appreciate my thought process. chuckle
Just in case you ever wondered, when a snake bites, it crunches. One bit my finger many years ago & so I had on leather gloves this time just in case.
I said that for my mother. :)