Friday, May 21, 2010

Butterfly Party

We had an end of the year party for Sara (4yrs.). She has the summer off with her momma & we decided a party was in order! Going to share some pics & info on what all we did this morning for a "Butterfly Party".

To begin we had to have a story.
Good Night, Sweet Butterflies
Our circle time discussion was "Have you ever seen a butterfly? What color was it?"
Which brought us to our butterfly creations we used for our motor skills practice. Here is one of the butterflies....
Our butterflies took off & landed on our noses, elbows, and other body parts of their choosing before we put on our shoes to go outdoors.
Our butterflies went for an imaginary walk around the yard (driveway due to squishy playyard). Our butterflies jumped over streams, climbed hills, picked flowers, felt the breeze blowing, waded in a pond, walked a winding path, hopped on stepping stones, jumped over a stream and dived up & down. When that wasn't interesting anymore, we came inside and played "Pin the wings on the butterfly".

Getting a blindfold on a 2 or 3 year old is not usually welcome so I decided to take out some old sunglasses & let them watch me tape the lenses with masking tape. They were very eager to put them on after that.

The other plus on the sunglasses "blindfold" is there's no hair getting pulled. One size fits all.
Our butterfly wings were made of a wallpaper sample and we used more masking tape to attach them to the wall.
The grand finale was the brownie treats. No pics, but they were greatly enjoyed. :-)
Much of this theme came from a book titled, "Dance, Turn, Hop, Learn!" and allows the children to learn about the natural world as they explore their own bodies in motion.

I had plans last evening to make Butterfly Wings for Dramatic Play, but the weather turned south as they say & I spent a little bit "taking cover". Tornado went about 2 blocks west of our house last night. This pic is one Ron took out patrolling the county. It's near Clifton City, Northeast of Sedalia.