Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crochet Scrunchies

Got a couple pics I told the 4-H girlies I'd post on my page.
First is Rachel's (age 9). She's made a couple at home & worked on this one at the meeting last night. This yarn is nice & thick & variegated in color.

Next we have Lauryn's (age 8). She chose this teal color and used a smaller needle to go with the lighter weight yarn.
 The girls plan on making several to put as a display for our county Achievement Day. They will be judged to see whether theirs go to the Missouri State Fair or not. We have until July 12th to make a bunch.
(Or add more crochet projects for the competition :) Time will tell.)

At daycare today, Miley (age 3) was asked by me if she could "please put the shoes in order for me by the front door"
She replied very eagerly "OKAY!!" And hollared at her friends that "Stephie telled me to order the shoes up!"
The next thing I know she's putting them in pairs saying "Order, order, order, order, " until she had them all in neat pairs. I just love these special moments that make my job so wonderful! Here's a pic of her nice work.