Monday, April 26, 2010

If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd a Baked a Cake!

My favorite baby sister invited us out for cake on Sunday evening....
Told her I was gonna post a pic of it.....
Here ya go.....
Thanks for the lovely dessert & finishing off a very dreary weekend with the cure-all for the blues,
Here's a photo taken this evening of rain we've measured in our homemade 2-liter soda bottle raingauge.
We believe there to be 3 inches at the least. This is measured from Friday thru today (Monday).

Tomorrow is Crochet nite for the 4-Her's. Hoping for a little sunshine to go with it.
Warmer temps would be nice too!
Otherwise, the chocolate theme will go on thanks to my mother's generous homemade fudge donation.
& Yes I did eat that piece sitting on top of the bag!