Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cardinals Game

Kirsten took her daddy to the Cardinals game on Thursday & they brought back some really "kewl" pics.
Some of them are most impressive. To start, we have Mark McGuire in the dugout.....
He's standing to the left in red shirt

Here's a nice view of the Arch inside the stadium.....
Backtracking a bit, B.B. King's bus entourage passed them on their way to St. Louis.

They both remembered to wear hats :)
But Kirsten ended up with sunburned knees :(
Noxema to the rescue!!!
The next pic is for fun. If you look at the catcher's feet, he's in the air when they snapped this one.
Here I zoomed in....
Text I received from Ron said......
" Parking at Busch $20.00
Beer $8.50
Cotton Candy $6.00
Ballgame with daughter.........Priceless!"
I think that says it all on their fun day at the game.