Thursday, October 8, 2015

Throwing a Curve at the Curley Q

This is my all time, favorite dipping sauce....these days.
I have loved many and am down to but a few.
Sauces, that is.
It's for my French fries, tator tots, and tonight, it was for
Curley Q's.

 Want the recipe?
You'll need
 1 Cup Mayonnaise (don't use the Miracle brand)
3/4 Cup Barbecue Sauce. I highly recommend
Kansas City Style.
Mix and spoon it on your plate.
Hope you'll make it a  Tasty Thursday.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

It Started With A Bushel

 My mother went shopping.
You have to understand that my mother only shops with a distinct purpose.
It's a Mission. An Undertaking. An Operation.
I ended up with this.
My very own bushel of #2 Jonathan Apples.
This Tasty Thursday, were you here, you would find me immersed in making Apple Pie Filling.
By the jar fulls.
This is batch #1, 6 pints. I was only trying 1/2 the recipe here.
The quart jars were not sanitized yet.
I need to let you in on a little dilemma I had during the planning stage.
This particular issue of The Ball Blue Book, every canning person's Bible, did not print the 'how' to can Apple Pie Filling. Every other variety of apple this and apple that, but No Pie Filling.
But Mother came to the rescue by calling on Aunt Maybelle.
If you've read any of my other blogs,
Aunt Maybelle has her own tag.
She should be at the top of Google listings under Aunt Maybelle.
She had the recipe.
So now the little project I had planned for her had definitely better be ready for Christmas :)
So does anyone else out there have an Aunt Maybelle?
You know, the aunt who is the coolest??
But I venture to say,
Aunt Maybelle learned some of her coolness from my mother.
After all, it started with a bushel.

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Free me

I've been participating in a photo challenge over on WordPress on the Katy Trail Creations blog.
The theme for the week was "Change".  I could have blogged on the lack of 'change' I made during a recent craft show. But that's the way those things go sometimes and no sense in crying over spilt milk.

So I shifted gears and created my first photo tutorial. Hope you'll check it out!
Here's the link:
Change/WordPress Photo Challenge

Did I mention FRee??

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saucy Angle/ Tasty Thursday

Grocery night is a pain when you're on a time restraint.
Mother wanted to deliver a package to me and I needed to beat the sunset home.
(she doesn't like driving at night anymore)
More on the package next week.
But I planned ahead this week and only had to bake the chicken strips, microwave the pre-baked potatoes and toss the salad.
The toppings are the topic of this Tasty Thursday
We really love this sweet chili sauce on our chicken. It would be great on wontons, crab rangoon or egg rolls.   It has just a little bite.
Define "little" you may ask.
You won't need sour cream to sooth your palette.
You won't drink more water or wine.
But don't feed it to your children.
They will feel the heat.
The fringe benefit here is it's gluten free.
Gluten-free makes 1/2 the household pretty happy.
Another Gluten-free Sauce I'm sharing is....
You probably can't tell but the bottle is Empty.
I didn't forget to buy more. Our Walmart didn't have anymore.
My mission:
Let the HomeTown grocer know I need it ordered ASAP.
When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Football on Tasty Thursday

When you go to a football party around here, there's gotta be Kansas City style BBQ.

When the game is on a weeknight, don't have tickets and wanna be the armchair quarterback,
  you come up with some pretty delicious takes on BBQ.
At the time of this writing, KC Chiefs are winning.
We had some Beef Fajitas, Ron Style for dinner and there's a little secret to these that I'm letting out of the bag on this Tasty Thursday.
We start out with around 3 pounds of Beef Carne' Picada, basically shredded beef.
Then comes the marinade. 
Synonyms: Sauce, Brine, Cure, Stuff. I like the last one :)
In a glass bowl combine:
1/4 Cup Tequila
1/8 Cup Lemon Juice
BBQ Sauce (KC Style of course), enough to cover --approximately 2 cups
Leave in frig overnight and cover with plastic wrap, foil, lid. Whichever.
Here's the finished Beef in Ready-to-Serve mode.
Getcha some Condiments.
pictured are Shredded Cheese, Salsa, French Onion Dip, Guacamole, Sour Cream.
We serve 'em up on Corn Tortillas (gluten free)
And in case you wanted to ask but were too polite,
the Sour Cream and French Onion are very similar.
Some prefer the extra zing.
And some don't.
Find your zing and embrace it.
Happy Thursday!


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hopscotch Quilting and Missing Lane

My lastest Etsy creation on Katy Trail Creations

Special thanks to the girls, Morgan (who loves my cookin!) and my youngest daughter Kirsten.
 Yes there's a great meal in the works for their help :)
Speaking of Meals,
Pardon my absence from the Tasty Thursday posts. We had a tragic loss in our lives and I just didn't feel like cooking from the stash of recipes.
In short, just because the hurt is still deep, we had an 11 year old tragically killed in a tractor accident. He had been one of our daycare 'kids' and his younger brother just left for Kindergarten last month. The family was like our own.
Please say some prayers for them. There is nothing more needed when there's a loss of a child.
This was our Lane one Fall weekend back in 2011 in Florence, Missouri. He came to greet us while we were having Rachel's Senior pics taken. He had just been out with his dad deer hunting. His home is just down the road in this picture and I know his home now is in Heaven and our forever in our hearts.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rachel's Email Salsa/Tasty Thursday

My daughters work in the adult world. Not at home all day with under age 7er's. And with that comes adult meetings where they eat adult foods. Not fish sticks, chicken nuggets and French fries. Thank the Lord! Because they bring home these wonderful recipes. So of course we make them.

For Tasty Thursday, I'm showing you one of the salsas we recently acquired and made. I even send a picture to my niece. She is known to eat Just One black eyed pea on New Years Day for her good luck. I'm hoping this will get her past the "one". You actually eat chips with this Evette!

Two versions. 1 with flash and one without.
Here's the email: