Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dad's. The Sugar On The Donuts/Tasty Thursday

Tasty Thursday

Pinterest, you saved the day. I'm not usually too sure of Pinterest cooking ideas, but this time you came through. I wanted the kids to cook for their Father's Day gifts and with a little hesitation, I dove in with this Pin:

So we bought those refrigerator biscuits and cut out our donut shapes.
Melted butter and Cinnamon/Sugar mixture ready and waiting.
I did the frying part --- in Vegetable Oil. (I would not try baking these. Frying is the only way to go)

After a slight cooldown, I let the kids do the dunking. 
Aren't the marker covered fingers just the sweetest thing ever?!
Love Cookin' With Kids!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Braggin Rights/ Tasty Thursday

Tasty Thursday

This is my 5 foot tall pea garden with my daughter as astounded as I am this year. Talk about bumper crop. I can tell you I plan on using the same planting recipe next year and will hopefully be onto something here :) Maybe I'll share it if this isn't just a fluke.

So spent the better part of my evening after hours snapping green beans and shelling those peas. This was just the beginning.
Took this evening shot as I sat outdoors waiting for our kitty to eat. She has several stray cats who like to bully her out of her dish of food. 
Anyway, these late hours kept me from creating a fancy dish. 
We simply ate soup this Tasty Thursday.
But it was Homemade!
What is your favorite homemade soup?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Save Room For Dessert/ Tasty Thursday

Tasty Thursday

Strawberries, I'd pick you above all fruits!
They don't really need sugar, fluffy white cool whip, yogurt, ice cream or chocolate.
But why not indulge on a lazy, warm, summer Sunday afternoon?
So we did.
I present a so-o-o-o simple recipe for gluten free shortcake. 
There is a reason they made bowl mixers with covers. I would recommend using yours
.............. or borrow your mother's.
Do you know how powdery corn starch can be?
Even more than powdered sugar.
So you've been warned.

 We used paper baking cups instead of the grease-your-pan method.
There were a dozen.
Someone couldn't wait. And of course, there always needs to be a taster :)
Guess they pass the taste test.
I split them in half for more cake per bite.
Here are those glorious strawberries all decked out!
And yes I shared :)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bacon. That Is All /Tasty Thursday

Tasty Thursday

Yesterday we decided to try to replicate a recipe from Papa Finnell.
Bacon is the main flavor enhancer.
Bacon is always a main flavor enhancer.
 But to go with that meal plan, we had some Farmers Market goodness boiling and steaming simultaneously. Keeping the kitchen heat down.

Adding to the less heat theme, we grilled the brats. 
Just the plain beef brat variety for this meal.
Wilted lettuce is for the bacon. Or for vegie lovers, the bacon is for the lettuce.
Anyway, we'll share the recipe and hope you'll try it sometime.
Have a great Thursday!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Reception/ Tasty Thursday

Tasty Thursday
Last Friday night was the graduation of my youngest daughter's boyfriend. So we attended a standing room only gymnasium event. After a 55 hour work week, my feet can't take that anymore so we took a seat elsewhere and waited until the commencement was over to attend the reception. No photos of that but I have to give kudos to this rural school that allows use of classrooms for receptions for individual families. Such a nice idea!  Our apologies to the family that we didn't eat their delicious-looking treats as we have to keep gluten cross-contamination forever in the back of our minds. It was an honor to be invited to attend both events and we want to say 'Thank you'.
In honor of the couple, 
I'd like to share a little romantic music I'm particularly fond of lately.

Portrait Photo Credit: Cassandra Marie Photography

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crisis Averted/Tasty Thursday

We found these in the freezer section Tuesday night. I had a feeling that my menu plan for Thursday was about to change. And I was correct.

 I would like to ask Udi's to do some forethought on the readability of this panel of information. I can see that UPC code really well, hint hint. One part I will decipher for you; 135mg Cholesterol. Ug! 
It figures. So I didn't eat the half bag serving. Saved myself from a little guilt.

This is the part where there could have been a major crisis. I have to admit I was in a hurry and tried using my superhuman strength. To a fault.
The eldest daughter was casually observing and decided to hand me some shears. I think she was more worried that the contents would end up for the dog and we'd have to have soup....or hot dogs.
 But all's well that ends well and we enjoyed this new offering from the Udi's gluten free line of convenient frozen foods. I have not been paid to endorse this product. I'm just sharing a little bit of Stephanie's Stuff on this return to Tasty Thursday

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Where in the world would I be without my Best Girls?!
Just want to take a second to give them some well-deserved recognition.
Lori and her boys. 
Currently in Tennessee. Miss your face!

Marty and a recent reunion. Such a happy day :)
Currently from Louisville, Kentucky. Thanks for letting me know how to 'properly' say Louisville. ;)

Rachel and Kirsten.
Couldn't be any prouder of you two!

And of course there's Mom and Sis. 
I'll always be thankful for your love and support.

I have a theme going on here you probably don't know unless you know all of us.
It's Faces of Strong women. I'd put these women in politics any day and there'd be
 no racism, no starving babies and world peace.

'Call us' whoever wins the U.S. presidency. We have some great pointers.

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