Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Life in Song

Songs that would describe my life it asks.
Shall we go with Children's songs? Those are the ones I hear most often on a daily basis.
First there would be "I'm Gonna Catch a Baby BumbleBee."
Think, the part where they say "Ouch! He stung me!" I spent the better part of my childhood being the one to get in trouble or hurt. I heard the phrase, "Now how did you do THat?" quite often. It was Murphy's Law for me. If it could happen, it would. I would be the one to paint my dad's Indian motorcycle with a stripe of red. I was merely tryin to wipe off paint from the stir stick. Really. Can you say furious? I earned a swat that day. I Never Got By With Anything. Just throwing that out there.

The "Wheels on the Bus" could refer to the years I spent in school. I found great success in school and rarely got in trouble there. I'm sure there was great relief to my parents. Oh, I still got hurt. There's the time I broke my two front teeth (Permanent ones) and then the time I was participating in a square dance routine for P.E. and my knee decided to dislocate to the point I had to be carried off to the doctor's office for a "relocation" of said appendage. They say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. Well that's probably mine, unfortunately.

I feel like "10 Little Indians" best describes my adulthood spot on the children's song list.  Who knew I'd be caring for all these children in my adult years? And we Do count a lot. :) There's days of the week, how many are here each meal, setting the timer for taking turns. Not to mention counting to learn with each theme of the week. Just touching the tip of the iceberg.

As of today, I'm picking "Are You Sleeping". After my neighbors decided to party it up all night, I'm missing my planned visit to church due to lack of sleep. I'd really rather not look like I have an eye disease upon entering the Lord's house. Is Murphy's Law entering the equation again?


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Minnie Dear

The weekend after I finished the A to Z Challenge, we had a yard sale. A fellow Green Ridgeon stopped by and while flipping through one of my antique books, he found this letter.
Here are some of the books. Antique books are further down the table.
This is the letter
Let me say, this lady was "peppery".
(The underlined words are exactly as the author penned it.)
And she appreciated the company of her niece.
 So much so that she's ribbing her a bit to visit more often.
I can definitely see my Great Aunt Lois firing off one of these letters to her nieces.
Hope you enjoy!


Minnie Dear,
I tried and tried to get a note to you for the last week or 2 (but no soap). So as bad as I hate to, here goes my last stamp wasted might as well say. But these Males around here just won’t, will not, have not delivered my important letters. (that’s letters not litters) So I’ll try another kind of mail for my letter that is!
It’s a shame you didn’t get my letter I wrote the nite dearie brung home your picture I wrote such nice things about you. I was sure you’d keep it for a keep sake. I’ll probably never be in that mood again. Too bad isn’t it. But just to make you feel good I’ll say your picture was just (to to). Don’t you think that’s real kind of me to say such a wonderful thing about you? Huh Say, how’s Louise? I like to went nuts worrying about that. Nitwit Dorsey told dearie she was in the Hospital but no one knew what was wrong with her. I wrote you a note on Mon. but Gaylen said you all weren’t on the bus so I had Ernie to stop by when he went to town. I guess she got rid of that Fish Bait but I bet I get kilt for that but it such a good joke I could help getting it off on her. Haha. I guess it wasn’t no joke to mama but tell her to for give me my inside little joke. Wasn’t any worse than worms tho. I guess they rested enough. I suppose you ladies, I use the word loosely have your new Easter outfits. Well I have my fits . I don’t know if I can think of a new one or not. I believe I already tried them all. And wasn’t any of them work on /Lover Boy/. I ironed this morning and I’m just about tuckered out. Deacon’s lying under my seat crying can I go down where daddy’s at. Over and over, he & Grandpop are building a bridge down back of the barn and I guess Deacon thinks they need a Boss. As if they don’t have any.
Have you got your washing machine working yet? They sure save a lot of work don’t they! Brother R. was suppose to wire your house this week.They just haven’t showed up yet. Won’t it be nice when It all get lit up with bright lights that is. Say why don’t you drop over some nite or if Gather will let you and you don’t have a date come and stay one whole week end Can’t you? I wish you would be for school is out because if you don’t I may never see you again. Say that might not be bad at that hahaha
Course (bein) Spring and all I guess you’re pretty busy poor!dearie. I guess he’s getting old instead of his fancy turning to love. All he thinks about is weeds & grass. He made him a power lawn mower and can’t wait till he can try it out (poor me) Well  better stop. I think I have my three cents worth don’t you. So, so long and bye bye.
Your ever lovin Aunt

Monday, May 4, 2015

Funny Thing, Those Comments

A Reflection is defined:
the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected

something reflected or the image so produced, as by a mirror

careful or long consideration or thought

So, in my careful, but not long, observation, I am not as sure about the way the visiting other blogs is monitored as it was last year. Just wasn't feeling it. But I can honestly say I myself did go above and beyond visiting others nearly every day. I felt that the days when I visited way over 5 other blogs, it was ok to not see quite as many the next. After all, I know I'm not alone in working a full-time job while performing this challenge. And half the time I would find the blog hadn't yet posted a current letter so it ended up I could cover all the letters pretty well. I'm thankful for all the visits I received and supportive comments. Thanks to the hosts and co-hosts as well for making sure I had at least one comment. You were all great this year!

But how can I prove I was there other than the comments? How can anyone else tell? Is there an unknown app that tells the hosts and co-hosts who is really visiting others? Just wondering. I wouldn't want it to be like one of my husband's sting operations from his law enforcement days, but I do wonder how many people really did their part?

I did notice that certain posts were ignored by the titles I used. I find it funny that an occasional reference to religion was met with silence. I guess it's my bad for thinking it wouldn't offend anyone. But I'm thankful for the opportunity to speak my part on the topics I chose. I'm thankful not being forced to pick a category as I was not always going to write a post with a religious or musical reference. My jump-off point usually started with the song title I chose to perform. So maybe next year if I choose to perform a song with my banjo, I'll choose that category of (MU). But maybe not. I'm not sure I would have had as many responses. The banjo is often misunderstood due to certain stigmas such as the classic movie "Deliverance". And then there's the irritation I even feel when reading a post and am expected to watch a Youtube video. Yes, I admit it.There's not always enough time.

Is there a complaint in there? Just an itty-bitty one. I admit I don't always agree with a blogger's post, but I'd at least let them know I'd dropped in to read. Just common respect for their hard work in my opinion.

The high point of my blogging happened on Day 26 with Letter Z. I was delivering my "soap box" to the world hoping to help spread awareness to anyone willing to listen to my story of Vanishing White Matter Disease (and also to ask for prayers and hope). Someone had a family member with this terminal illness who was a part of our A to Z Challenge. A disease so rare that only about 30 children in the world have this illness. I was extremely humbled to say the least. To be able to help someone else in any way, even just sharing the links to learn more about the disease, to me, was the best reward possible.

My best regards to all my blogger friends, whether you are an aspiring writer, or just the everyday Joe like myself trying to make sense of this crazy world. Hope to see you all throughout the year. I'll be around.

I was messaged this morning on Facebook saying my Letter Z post was shared on the Find a Cure for VWM Facebook page. This A to Z thing has such a domino effect. Many thanks to the founders and those who help keep it going!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Wi"Z"ard of O"Z" for Isaiah

Oz, as you all know is where the tornado blew Dorothy to in the classic movie Wizard of Oz. Dorothy encounters trials and tribulations and meets friends along the way to assist her (and themselves) along the path, The Yellow Brick Road. The moral of the story as they find the Wizard is that the things you seek are inside you all along. You just need to believe in yourself.

Easier said than done sometimes.

This last 2 years, we've been honored to meet a young lady and her son who has a terminal illness. It's called Vanishing White Matter Disease. You can learn more about this disease on the website, . Their yellow brick road has been bumpy to put it mildly.

For my final A to Z Challenge post for 2015, I am dedicating this one to Isaiah and his mom, Bethany. Their journey has been extremely difficult as Isaiah is only 4 years old and is a daily inspiration to us with his constant smiles.

I believe in the power of prayer and my request to my fellow bloggers, family and friends, from all over the world is to please say one for them. Pray for peace, strength, healing and a cure for future generations. May Isaiah's story teach us all the importance of love and holding fast to the small moments in life.

Thank you and thanks for reading my blog this 2015 Challenge.

More Isaiah below:


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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

You Are My Sunshine

 Dedicated to my family. I have been truly blessed! You all know who you are :)
And you don't know how blessed you are that I'm not long-winded.
I can honestly say I Know some writers :)

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Te"X"as Tea

The object of the song The Ballad of Jed Clampett, is the oil they find, the Texas Tea, that made them millionaires. And so the tv show went on for several seasons in their mansion in Beverly Hills.

But what is your Texas Tea? To children it's "sugar". Make no bones about it, sugar makes the world go round when you are a child. Think fairs and bazaars. Snow cones, cotton candy, ice cream, funnel cakes, taffy, and much more.

My Child Care Food Program is regulated by the USDA and they are updating their regs for meals and snacks. One of their biggies is "sugar". We will be limited, once approved, on the kinds of sweets available to children. There are many pros and cons about this and I am sure I could make a major debate on the topic. But I prefer to find solutions for myself and my little precious charges because the changes are most definitely coming. Here are some options I will be putting "On the Table" instead of "cake-type sweet items" as their laws will Xclaim.

Instead of Donuts, I will be topping off my biscuits with some fresh berries and a dab of Cool Whip.

No Poptarts anymore. Instead we'll be making some toast and strawberry preserve sammies in my Panini press. YUmmO!

Can't have Cookies? How about Graham Crackers topped with Pineapple Cream Cheese? We can use raisins, craisins, banana slices or grapes to decorate.

For partytime, I'm going to let them make their own Yogurt parfaits. Each layer will have different colored fruits and we'll use some of my Auction finds, ice cream glasses.

Brownies eliminated? No problem. We're serving up Muddy Buddies. Chocolate Chex mix has "Whole Grain Rice" as its first ingredient. So There!!

I need to make sure I note that the changes on sweet items is not yet in effect. But where the children are concerned, I will find ways to 'sweeten' their day:)

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Monday, April 27, 2015

What Child is This?

What child wants.......

  • to Share---Set a timer so that when it beeps the toy can go to someone new for awhile and then back again.
  • to Wash hands---I buy foamy soap to "smash" it.
  • to Go Potty----especially in the middle of play. I am guilty. I bribe with stickers that have "special powers stuck to them". It keeps with the dramatic play they're involved in.
  • to Eat their vegies---Puree them an add to the spaghetti sauce. It's ok to be sly.
    • or tell them it makes their hair grow fast if they like getting hair cuts :)
  • to Be Quiet just because the baby is asleep---Pretend to be quiet so the bear can't hear you in his cave
  • to Take a Nap---Whe we wake up, it's time to do a "special" activity. And keep that promise.
  • To Sit Still--- During storytime, involve them with asking them to find and touch an item on each page, like "I Spy".
Any helpful hints for children? I'm all ears!

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