Monday, January 16, 2017

Across the Missouri Border/Missouri-Made Mondays

After last night's heartbreaking loss between the KC Chiefs and that other team who will remain nameless for the purpose of this post, I'm steering towards a new direction in sports. That of KU in Lawrence, Kansas who are currently ranked #2 in the nation. My daughter gets bragging rights as a student there, in case I haven't mentioned it a kazillion times.

Field of Kansas Sunflowers photographed by Rachel

And this matters in "Missouri-Made Mondays" because?????
Part of my weekend was spent creating a potato bag for Rachel's apartment. While on a fabric excursion, she noticed these in the remnants bin and so it saved a few pennies in creating this 'legacy team' potato bag. Fun fact,  James Naismith (November 6, 1861 – November 28, 1939) wrote the original basketball rule book and founded the University of Kansas basketball program.
The 'gotcha' moment from the weekend. 
Practicing her sewing skills with some pillow creations amid her mountains of research. 

From Missouri, wishing you a wonderful Monday!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Pad Thai/Friday Flavor

Back in December, on a visit to Lawrence, Kansas to have dinner with the eldest, we were whisked away to a little hole in the wall place on 'Mass'(local slang for Massachusetts Street).

Rachel is using chopsticks, something I've never mastered. I on the other hand apparently text with my third finger. So why can't I master those chopsticks?? And do you get more of those Pad Thai noodles per bite on a fork or with chopsticks?? I'll tell you what(inserting local dialect here), that is a very important question because they are to die for!!
So since our town doesn't have such restaurant choices as Zen Zero, we three made it a goal to find a way to make this dish at home.
I present first, The Ingredients 
Not shown in any particular order.
Here's the recipe on the package:
We substituted chicken. 
We also eliminated lime juice and bean sprouts. 
Our local grocer's produce section had bean sprouts with mold added. 
I hope they read this.
And just think they are opening a new store next month.

So on to better things like seeing it all fall into place.
Woks are pretty fantastic by the way.
Add a couple egg rolls and some sweet chili sauce and you my friend have just been 'schooled' in how to have it at home!

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Long Project/Missouri-Made Mondays

I've survived Craft Show Season 2016. And now is time for the Long Projects.
By request, I have official approval for this color combination.
Calling it The Green Palette.
Ignore that bit of purple over on the left. It's just hangin out.
And this sampling is called a Star Stitch. I began this project with the variegated yarn called 
Aspen Print. In a future post I'll try for a better picture to show the blues, greens, and browns in the yarn. 
From Missouri, wishing you a wonderful Monday!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Missouri Wine Country/Missouri-Made Mondays

Did you know that Missouri has a history of wine-making that dates back to the 1850's? In fact until Prohibition, it had developed a sophisticated image during those years. Prohibition ended it for a time but it was reborn in the 1960's and is increasingly winning national acclaim.
I present for the Missouri-Made Mondays, a little Grape/Wine theme Microwave Baked Potato Bag.

And now some images of the winery at Rocheport, Missouri.
The Vineyards

Overlooking the Mighty Mo.
I need to revisit on a clear, sunny day. Taste-testing is in my near future.
From Missouri, wishing you a wonderful Monday!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Rice Is Nice/Friday Flavor

In the cookbook corner of my kitchen counter is this little helper.

Turning to the Rice Pilaf recipe, I see a variation that could prove pretty useful in using up that garlic.
Why I bought so much is beyond me.
But it is that time of year to make the kitchen smell good.

There are also a good bunch of these to use up.
Does anyone else have trouble with green onions staying good very long?

Sticking to my guns, I did NOT stir the rice once the liquid was added.
I used chicken broth instead of water by the way.
Much better, trust me.

After 'the stir'.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Do You Have Anything Smaller?Missouri-Made Mondays

This message came to me from Etsy last Thursday. So a plan came about to show some fabric samples I have on hand, choose a favorite and start creating the 'smaller' version of a kerchief. The request was specifically for an 18 month old.
Neutrals were the request, but I speculated for a little girl, there needed to be some flowers.
Here were some choices.
Once the great debate was finished, I began the creating. (Favorite part😁)

I love how this one turned out.
 I may have to make a 2nd one just because I know it'll look so adorable.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Warmin' the Walls/Missouri-Made Mondays

My seemingly endless pile of scrap fabric was dented a little this weekend.
The frugal penny pincher in me saved these batting pieces, and tacked them together.....
Pardon the strings attached, but you won't see them inside a quilt.
And I may or may not have ever mentioned one of the greatest inventions ever in a sewing machine......
The Walking Foot. I will explain more later on this add-on that didn't come with my machine.

There are still things that are best done by hand.......
Like basting together the layers. I love it best when I have a small enough quilt that I can do this on the table rather than on my knees. Too many knee surgeries make for much tenderness when you have to crawl around to baste. Just sayin'.
Maybe my quilter friends out there will give a miraculous suggestion on saving the knees??
Masking tape helps guide my stitches when I don't feel like drawing lines with quilter pencils. And I can reuse the tape a few times when transferring it to the rest of the quilt. 

Binding tomorrow evening while waiting on the election results.
Please remember to Vote! 

In the words of Missouri's own Mark Twain:
"Politicians and diapers must be changed often,
and for the same reason."