Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ain't Got No Time For This / Tasty Thursday

You can plan and plan and then it just comes down to what works, or not.

This baster was supposed to help with putting muffin mix into baking cups for the little guys who love to help me cook.
I. Bought. 2.
ziplock bag with corner cut to use for pouring.
This was what we had to resort to as the Pinterest idea was a total Fail.
Don't believe everything you see online. Just sayin.
There are 4 helpers, but one is showing his face so I cropped the picture.
Q.T.Pies, in transfixed state. They don't sit still much :)
End result, Gluten Free Martha White Mix blueberry muffins for breakfast.
 For lunch we used up some frozen vegies, diced some celery, and added everything the 'online recipe' (again) said. Only problem we had was that the THyME I had purchased at our good ol' Walmart had apparently fell out of the bag. Has anyone else noticed how easily they get holes in them? So,..... we resorted to using some granulated garlic, onion powder and adding some hashbrowns since I needed to save time after tearing apart the kitchen in search of 'Thyme'. Sounds like a pun. It could be intended.
Have a wonderful Tasty Thursday!

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Last Minute Fixins/Tasty Thursday

Seems as if our local Walmart redeemed itself..... somewhat.
Looky what I found on the shelf.
So to add to my salad enjoyment,
I fried up the bacon,

And added in some hardcooked eggs, BBQ chicken and
topped it off with some grated cheese.
So ends this rendition of a salad on yet another Tasty Thursday.
And just because every so often you need something random:
I don't know about you but.....

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Eats Me Spinach/ Tasty Thursday

Popeye came to mind when I started to write this post. Maybe it's my age, but I loved watching Popeye back when we only had 3 channels and were lucky if it was in color.
That's a blog topic for another day.
Today I'm sharing some cooking fun I shared with a couple of my daycare children. Normally I'd post something like this over on the Honeysuckle Road blog. But Tasty Thursday surely could use some smiles like these.....
These two were more than eager to try one of the recipes from my found treasure
So fast forward to the page we chose for our cooking experience.
Taking a look at this 1932 version of a Spinach dish, I knew we could one-up this recipe to a more modern Quiche-like fare. So instead of the 2 eggs and 2 cups of cooked spinach,
I decided to go with 4 eggs (beaten until frothy),
1 cup of fresh, chopped spinach,
1/2 cup grated cheese.
(be sure to spray your baking dish with non-stick cooking spray,
or go with the 1930's buttering your pan)
With a little help from my friends, we ended up with a pretty yummy snack.
I can't talk about my time spent with the kids without going educational rogue on you.
So here goes my pitch on cooking and young children.
Areas of learning your young children can experience from helping you cook:
  • Creativity - We learned a new name (Quiche) for an egg dish
  • How Things Change - Seeing the difference between raw and cooked spinach
  • Raising Self-Esteem - They CAN help chop leafy greens with kid-safe utensils
  • Small Motor Control - Chopping, Filling, Pouring, Stirring,
  • Math Skills - Measuring, Visually comparing portions & MY FAVORITE MATH SKILL.........
"SO Do You Want Seconds????"

Thursday, October 22, 2015

After All, Tomorrow is Another Day/ Tasty Thursday

A perfect bundle of flowers from a perfect little girl!
This was my birthday greeting on Friday.
I certainly felt a little better about turning a year older with such a lovely bouquet.
Thank you Miss Emmi and family!

Continuing on with the trend for beautiful things, my sister made a very thoughtful choice when she picked this gem up at the Warsaw Heritage Days. The crème de la crème of craft shows in the state of Missouri. I didn't attend this year, but maybe I would have discovered what sister was up to if I had?? Everything works out the way it should!

 A trip to some local Antique shops was my choice for birthday shopping. I lucked into a bargain on vintage flour sack fabric at a favorite haunt of ours, Chelsea's.
Can't find this at Walmart.
But my favorite find was this 1932 children's cookbook. It claims to "Teach children to cook successfully. 
Take a look inside!
Here's the table of contents. Such cute recipe titles. It even shows a proper table setting!
With a bouquet of flowers naturally :)

My question to you is, What is this ingredient spelled "fladousing"???
Effie Jean Carter, I wonder if you're still out there to translate?
I have a feeling this mystery will go unsolved on this Tasty Thursday.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How You Slice It/ Tasty Thursday

 We still have some apples from the Bushel of Love from Mother.
So decided to do some down home Southern cookin' for my babies.
A little sugar and a little spice make for a restful sleep.
Spice being cinnamon.
 This is the beginning stages of cooking....
4 cored, sliced and peeled apples
1/2 stick butter (Not Margarine)
1/2 cup sugar
2 Tablespoons of Cinnamon
Heat well for around 10 minutes.
Check for tenderness with a fork.
We like ours sliced in thick chunks.
Here's the After.
This will melt in your mouth,
But wait,
there's more.
This leftover goodness will harden and you'll have a crispy hardened treat, much like candy.
But don't save it too long.
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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Throwing a Curve at the Curley Q

This is my all time, favorite dipping sauce....these days.
I have loved many and am down to but a few.
Sauces, that is.
It's for my French fries, tator tots, and tonight, it was for
Curley Q's.

 Want the recipe?
You'll need
 1 Cup Mayonnaise (don't use the Miracle brand)
3/4 Cup Barbecue Sauce. I highly recommend
Kansas City Style.
Mix and spoon it on your plate.
Hope you'll make it a  Tasty Thursday.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

It Started With A Bushel

 My mother went shopping.
You have to understand that my mother only shops with a distinct purpose.
It's a Mission. An Undertaking. An Operation.
I ended up with this.
My very own bushel of #2 Jonathan Apples.
This Tasty Thursday, were you here, you would find me immersed in making Apple Pie Filling.
By the jar fulls.
This is batch #1, 6 pints. I was only trying 1/2 the recipe here.
The quart jars were not sanitized yet.
I need to let you in on a little dilemma I had during the planning stage.
This particular issue of The Ball Blue Book, every canning person's Bible, did not print the 'how' to can Apple Pie Filling. Every other variety of apple this and apple that, but No Pie Filling.
But Mother came to the rescue by calling on Aunt Maybelle.
If you've read any of my other blogs,
Aunt Maybelle has her own tag.
She should be at the top of Google listings under Aunt Maybelle.
She had the recipe.
So now the little project I had planned for her had definitely better be ready for Christmas :)
So does anyone else out there have an Aunt Maybelle?
You know, the aunt who is the coolest??
But I venture to say,
Aunt Maybelle learned some of her coolness from my mother.
After all, it started with a bushel.